Often when people encounter NLP it can seem theoretical with unfamiliar terms, that some may find confusing. Yet NLP is practical.

Our purpose in writing this book is to bring NLP to enhance your life and work.

It is about creating a new reality for your life and work and in turn creating a better environment for those around you. The origins of NLP was about modelling excellence so that by using this knowledge, the same results could be produced by other people.

This book covers the ‘theory’ of NLP certainly, but its focus is on the everyday application of this theory and sharing the stories of people who have inspired us.

It is our way of giving back and hopefully making a difference for you too!

Florence Madden

“If I accept you as you are I will make you worse, however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I will help you become that.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

I am a trainer and coach based in Cumbria and running open NLP courses in The Lake District and occasionally in Greece. I also work all over the UK developing and delivering bespoke training solutions for organisations in the private, public and third sector.

I quote this maxim in my other book ‘The Intention Impact Conundrum’ because it summarises my belief in our ability to learn and grow and so it informs my approach to developing others, whether that is coaching one to one, or in group environments.

Eleni Sarantinou

She is all about inspiring people to take action and take control of their lives. She is passionate about personal growth, and her mission is for everybody to reach their full potential. For over 25 years, Eleni has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate IT, customer service, and personal development in four different continents. It is this combination of deep understanding of human desires, working with people from many different cultures, and understanding business processes that have resulted in successfully coaching and training many individuals, as well as bringing corporations to a higher level.

As a Master NLP Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach, Life Coach, and Internationally Certified NLP Trainer. Eleni’s focus is on her clients making that important next step in the direction they desire and becoming leaders in every way. Her work focuses on creating practical and supportive strategies that will make their unconscious mind realize their goals. Her style can be best described as up close and personal, supportive, and result oriented. Eleni as dedicated to making the process FUN!

Developing your NLP Skills with Florence Madden

I offer a range of NLP courses, most of which run in the splendid surroundings of

The Lake District in Cumbria, accredited or certified by ANLP (The Association for NLP):

  • Personal Effectiveness At Work
  • NLP Coaching Diploma
  • NLP Business Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner

Working with you one to one…

I also coach individuals one to one to help them refocus, overcome performance or relationship issues, or to step up into a new role. Additionally, you can come as train as a coach with me!

And I think I have trained with the best: as a Generative Coach with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan, in the New Code NLP approach with John Grinder and as a Thinking Partner with Nancy Kline.

Developing your NLP Skills with Eleni Sarantinou

Leadership Programmes, Communication & Sales Workshops, NLP Certifications for Organizations, Business Constellations

Use the brain tools of today to make the difference in your organization & your life.

  • In the City
  • In Nature
  • In Retreat

Business Spheres | The Leaders of Now

Deep levels of awareness, clear proven methodologies and the latest tools and techniques are the core of each corporate training with Business Spheres. Whether it is Leadership & Influence, Developing New Managers, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Sales & Negotiation or Public Speaking Trainings, there is always solid foundation to build on accountability, lasting change and shift while providing undeniable experiences. My vision has always been to offer solutions for life, customised trainings according to each organization’s needs and the latest best practices in thinking and doing. In life as in business, a strong and flexible mindset is key for results.

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